The Health Benefits of Blackout Blinds

The Health Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are quickly becoming a big trend in interior design. This type of blind offers excellent light and heat blocking, while also keeping your room looking chic and stylish. It’s easy to see why more people are making the switch. 

Nevertheless, some people are hesitant about having these blinds in their homes. They feel like the lack of light can prevent you from getting your needed vitamins from the sunlight – which isn’t true at all. 

On the contrary, blackout blinds can be great for your overall health. If you need more information, read on as we discuss the health benefits of blackout blinds. 

Quality Sleep

One of the biggest health advantages of installing blackout blinds in your home is that it gives you a restful sleep. 

It’s common knowledge that an adult need between six and eight hours of sleep every day, while kids need between eight to ten hours of sleep. This much sleep will help you re-energize for the next day while also boosting your immune system. Getting enough sleep is also helps maintain our brain’s alertness. 

But let’s face it – getting a good night’s sleep is not always possible. Due to external factors, we don’t always sleep soundly at night. Whether it’s the early sunrise, late sunsets, or bright neighborhood lights, any nighttime illumination can largely hamper our snooze time. 

That’s where blackout blinds enter the picture. With these blinds, you can completely shut out any external light source from entering your bedroom. This total darkness will help give you peaceful and quality sleep, so you can power through the day productively. 

While regular blinds can also help with keeping light out, it’s not as effective as blocking them out as compared to blackout blinds. And that’s why we highly recommend getting it for your bedroom – or any room for that matter. 

Perfect for Naps

Similarly, blackout blinds are excellent for helping you get a power nap. 

Naps are great picker-uppers for when you’re studying or struggling to meet a deadline. These quick sleep breaks can last from a few minutes to an hour, and they can give you an energy boost, reduce fatigue, and increase your overall performance to help get the job done. 

With that said, we need naps at different times throughout the day. But regardless of the time you’ve chosen to take a nap, blackout blinds will help you meet that purpose. 

Since your room will be surrounded by darkness, you can get comfortable faster – so you can make the most of your allotted nap time. 

And if you have kids, blackout blinds are a great way to make your child take his afternoon naps. That will surely boost his or her growth. 

Healthy Skin

Aside from getting quality sleep, blackout blinds can also help you protect your skin. 

The sun is known to cause skin damage when exposed for extended periods. Even when you’re just at home, as long as you’re sitting near the window, these harmful rays can still get to your skin. The same is true if your bed is next to your windows, and you love sleeping in until the sun is well up in the sky. 

Fortunately, some of today’s blackout blinds have added UV protection. As a result, you don’t have to prematurely worry about wrinkles, sunspots, and similar conditions.

However, not all blackout blinds have UV protection, so always verify before you buy one

Peace of Mind

Another health benefit of blackout blinds is that they can give us peace of mind. 

Whether you plan to have it in your home or office, these blinds can give you a heightened sense of security and privacy. Because it is fitted to cover your entire window, you can be assured that no one can take a peek inside your room or office. 

Unlike regular blinders, these blackout alternatives have no designs or spaces that can allow people to peek inside. Most of these blackout blinds will not even give a silhouette, and that’s quite comforting to know. 

Because of this heightened sense of privacy and security, you will surely have peace of mind. And that will do wonders for your mental health. 

Other Benefits of Blackout Blinds

Aside from these health benefits, blackout blinds also have other benefits that you might be interested in. Here are some of its key benefits.  


We can all agree that blackout blinds can help us save up on our energy usage. 

Blackout blinds are not just great at keeping outdoor lights out – it also helps keep the heat out. As a result, our room stays cooler, which makes summer months more bearable. And since our home is not as hot anymore, we rarely need to turn on the air conditioning or cooling fans. That will save us a lot of money in the long run. 

Also, this improved indoor temperature can make the room more comfortable for the whole family. Whether as a bedroom, a play area, a study room, or a home office, these blackout blinds will surely make your home feel cooler. 

While blackout blinds are more expensive than regular blinds, the long-term value of the former far outweighs the latter. And that’s another benefit that our pockets will be thankful for. 


Speaking of benefits outweighing costs, blackout blinds are also known to be more durably built than regular blinds. 

Most regular blinds have designs or panel-type patterns – unlike blackout blinds that come in one piece. Because of this solid one-piece construction, blackout blinds are less likely to fall apart, even after regular wear and tear. This isn’t the case for regular blinds, where one panel often falls apart after another. And as a result, you will have to replace them more frequently. 

Furniture Longevity

And finally, blackout blinds help prolong the longevity of our furniture. As we’ve previously mentioned, the sun’s harmful rays have damaging effects – not just on our skin, but on our furniture as well. So if you have furniture near the window, expect it to deteriorate faster than those that aren’t directly exposed to the sun. 

Fortunately, blackout blinds also protect these pieces of furniture from the sun’s damaging rays. 

With that said, it’s easy to see that the health benefits of blackout blinds are numerous. Even if you think they cost a bit more than regular ones, always think of them as a long-term investment for your home. 

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