Health Benefits of Using Blackout Blinds

Health Benefits of Using Blackout Blinds

Tired of having the sun beat down on your face every dawn? Or are you worried about your infant facing too much exposure to sunlight? – Whatever the natural lighting problem you have, blackout blinds are most likely the best solution you have. Blackout blinds are stylish and can add to the aesthetic of your room. But more importantly, blackout blinds provide a lot of helpful benefits that can make life better for you. Small wins like being finally able to get rid of that one solitary ray of light that is there to annoy you every morning can go a long way in improving your life. And pretty much the only way to achieve this is with the help of a blackout blind

Sleep Tighter

A good night’s sleep is all important for your health. Having an unimpeded and comfortable sleep goes a long way to keep you feeling fresher and better. Better sleep also directly corelates to higher energy and improved performance in life. 

But having a good night’s sleep is not easy, especially with poor lighting. Now, although there are people who can have an 8-hour long nap in the middle of a desert afternoon, for most people being free of light is pretty important. Light sleeper or not, people respond to sunlight. This is because we are coded to do so. Our brain is hot wired to pull us out of sleep when it finds sunlight because over the million years of evolution, we have deeply learnt that the sun means the beginning of the day. Because of this nature, shielding ourselves from the dawn sunlight is important as this does wake people up way earlier than they want to or need to wake up. Blackout blinds cover every odd inch of window area and allow you to have a pure uninterrupted sleep.

Nap Time

Taking a nap is the superior alternative to caffeine and you cannot argue. Napping does not require you to inject yourself with coffee which saves proper sleep over the course of the day. Furthermore, when you sleep you can get proper rest which energizes you for more work. But, closing your eyes and falling asleep during the day whilst the sun is blasting down is pretty impossible. However, with blackout blinds you can have your power nap comfortably. You can close off all the light a take a bit of rest which would help to you stay fresher through the day, reduce stress, and in general help you be better.

Baby Health

Another health benefit of a blackout blind is actually to babies. Babies are incredibly sensitive. They sleep really light which already makes a blackout blind a recommended. But, more intriguingly, blackout blinds can help with over exposure to sun. Babies’ skin is soft and delicate and are not at all designed to be under the sunlight for long. They need to be protected. By having a blackout blind, you can totally block off all direct sources of sunlight and keep the precious baby safe. 

Keeping Your Belongings in Check

Now, this might sound like a weird one, but with the help of blackout blinds, you can keep your furniture is better condition and this can directly have a better effect of your health. Basically, when wooden furniture is exposed to large amounts of sunlight, they degrade and overtime can become the lingering house for many types of pest.  With the help of a blackout blinds, you can keep your furniture is better condition and in turn avoid any contact with harmful pests that can cause many types of issues which range from rashes to infections.

A Better Mental State

Getting a bit more cynical here, but blackout blinds can make your mental health better by reducing the load on your wallet. All jokes aside, blackout blinds are impressively efficient in keeping your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Blackout blinds can work in good conjunction with your house’s insulation and save you bills for climate control throughout the year. And it is scientifically proven that the lesser you are bound to pay, the better your mental health will be!


Blackout blinds are sort of the jack of all trades when it comes to curtain. Blackout blinds lose to the more pompous and flowy pencil pleat drapes in the styling department whilst there are more ‘dedicated’ literal panels you can get that beat a blackout blind is sheer functionality. But, in reality, the average person doesn’t really need these extreme ends of styling of function. What 99% of people need and want is the perfect middle ground that looks good and serves them well. Blackout blinds are the perfect middles ground, does everything well curtains people want and need for their homes. 

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