How To Clean Roller Blinds

how to clean roller blinds

Want to keep your roller blinds sparkling? Our experts at Shades of Dublin Blinds have created a ‘Guide on Cleaning Roller Blinds’ – read on below.


Roller blinds are popular for high traffic areas and can gather dirt quite quickly. However, cleaning doesn’t have to be too difficult, especially if you choose a wipe-clean performance fabric, which is specially designed for these areas.

The easiest way to clean roller blinds

Even without professional cleaning products, roller blinds are easy to keep clean. To clean your roller blind regularly, all you need to do is open the blinds and clean in a downwards motion with a damp cloth.

Removing stubborn stains

If your finding it difficult to remove a stain with water, you should try removing it with some stain removal fabric. But, it’s important that you abide by the manufacturers cleaning guidelines.
While using a stain remover is a great solution, it is important to note that the treated area may appear lighter than the rest of the blind. When you are finished, make sure to leave the blind fully opened to avoid mold build up.

How to improve blind performance

Over time, your blinds sidewinding mechanism may become stiff and noisy, so you’ll need to spray it with a silicone spray or lubricant. It is important that you do not spray over material areas of the blinds as this will stain the fabric.

How to remove mould from roller blinds

Mold build up is common on roller blinds as the condensation from windows creates warm, damp conditions which mold thrives on. Mold sticks to fabric and needs to be eliminated to keep the blinds in good health. You can find several detergents on the market to remove stubborn mold while also protecting the blinds fabric.
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