One fine day, when you get bored and tired of life, you will realize that there is more to your house than you initially believed. It’s not just a place where you sleep, eat, and watch television when you are not working. In fact, it’s a place you call home and it is more ‘you’ than anything else.

It’s a place where you take refuge when all goes wrong and it is also where you start self-care. Therefore, just a comfortable sofa with television is not the best way to decorate your house. It is not alright to just buy any curtain or blind you find available to get the privacy you need.

There is a lot more to consider and this also requires you to sit, take a breath, and take in your surroundings. What do you like, what do you dislike and what do you want to change? Right now, we are going to focus on how to buy a quality blind for your home. Is it really a blind that you want for your window or a shade? Or adjust curtains? Whichever it is, your window cover plays a very important role in your house and you will figure out what you want one by one by following this guide.

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The things to consider

  1. Is it a blind you want?

There are actually a number of things that you can use to cover your windows. For now, we are going to talk about three of the most common ones.

Blinds: The blinds have slabs in them which tilt to either let in the light or shut the light out. They are usually made of harder materials like wood, metal, or composites. The best thing about it is that it can provide you with privacy even when you keep the slabs open to let the light in and also gives you a lot of control over how much light you want in. So, you can save yourself from peeking neighbors. The thing you may not like is that it requires maintenance as the slabs can attract dust and dirt easily.

Shades: These are fabric-based covers for the windows but unlike the blinds, these do not come with any slabs. You have to pull them up to let light in or pull them down to keep the light out. There is rarely any in-between if you consider a half-pulled shade so it does not offer a lot of control over how much light gets in.

Curtains: These are the most traditional ones and are also made from fabric. You will find curtains that are made of various printed fabrics and you usually have to use multiple pieces on one window with a curtain holder at top. Furthermore, you can wash the curtains periodically.

  1. The different materials building the blinds.

Blinds are made from various materials like wood, metal, and composites as you already have been informed. Now, each has its own benefits. For example, metals can deal with heat and conduct it keeping it inside.

Wood, on the other hand, should not be used in kitchens and bathrooms because the moisture can damage it. Composites are usually great for any weather and any place because of their artificial durability. Furthermore, Composites also have a larger variety of colors, textures, and designs.

Apart from that, you will find quite a number of choices among the types of wood used in the blind. Which one you want will depend on your personal preference and the theme of the room and window. In general, all kinds of woods give an earthy, brownish look to your room and goes well with white walls.

  1. Vertical or horizontal slabs.

When choosing blinds another important decision you will have to make is regarding the slabs. Do you want horizontal or vertical slabs?

The choice depends a lot on the structure or size of the window. Usually, the vertical slabs make your windows look taller. They are better for really wide but short windows.

On the other hand, horizontal slabs make your windows look wider. Therefore, they are better for smaller windows.

  1. Safety Considerations.

Most blinds usually come with cords that let you adjust it. Now, if you have a child in the house, the cord can be considered a hazard as the child may start plain g with it leading to strangulation. Therefore, you can look for cordless designs.

  1. The Thickness of the slabs.

The thickness of the slabs does not only determine how the blind will look but also how much light it will let in. therefore, you should check out if the slabs are of the right thickness as it will determine if you can get enough light in your room.

  1. The size of the blinds.

You have to consider the size of the window and also how you want the blinds to cover it when you buy the blinds. You may not want the blind to cover the window panels but just the inside of the window so you have to measure accordingly. Again, if you want the blind to hang outside the window, you have to consider the size of the window along with its outer panel.

  1. The Budget.

Some materials will cost more than others. In fact, the price may vary depending on the color and texture of the blinds as well. But, there is a certain price that you will have to go above to get blinds of durable quality. The rest depends on your taste. But, usually, prettier blind cost more so determines your budget and then look.

Final Words

The delight you will feel when you cover the windows with the right blind is immeasurable. Even after a bad day, you will love lighting up a candle and doing all things relaxing in the shade of your blinds. Do not get too carried away by the price and materials but listen to your heart. It will show you the color and texture that puts your mind at rest because that is what homes are meant to do.

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